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Stefan and JT grew up in the outback Australian town of Broken Hill where the most sensible course of action was to retreat into their imaginations. They were aided in this quest by comic books, Street Fighter II on SNES and the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Friends for more than 20 years, they now live down the road from each other in Melbourne and continue their lifelong romance with geekery, sci-fi, comic books and … each other?

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Stefan Delatovic was a journalist for a long time and firmly believes that without X-Men comics he never would’ve made it. Seriously, where else do you learn the words “adamantium”, “dimensional flux” and “time-displaced son of an omega-level mutant” before the other kids tackle fractions?

He loves ruining dinner parties by saying “pop culture is more important today than scripture” and “LOST was great and ended well”. He gets invited to very few dinner parties, which is OK, because video games exist.

Find him in some places:

He also writes things at stefandelatovic.blogspot.com and republicofmoreland.com and The New Daily

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Self confessed and unapologetic pop culture junkie JT has spent his professional life geeking out in the software industry, and his personal life epically geeking out on a diet of Transformers, comic books, gadget addiction, Star Wars and despising Lord of the Rings.

Irreverent enough to suggest that the best Doctor was Sylvester McCoy. Bold enough to suggest in a previous bio he wrote that he is, in fact, Batman.

JT’s headstrong yet occasionally flippant opinions will have you either chuckling with delight at how right he is or shaking with rage at his total misinformed-ness.

Find more of his ramblings as @jtango18 on Twitter or find his slightly more professional views @ http://blog.jtango.net

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