72 – Doctor Justice MD

One of the guys is clicking the herbs, questing the quests and avoiding social media. The other is patrolling the mean streets as a scrub clad vigilante. Regardless they’ve found some time to record some more drone news (Bleep Blarp Bloop)…and other stuff.

71 – Yeah Yeah

Stefan stops listening to potential ringtones long enough to give a lowdown on Venom’s updated wardrobe. JT waxes lyrical about his Star Wars renaissance. Both geek out over the new Fantastic 4 trailer. #doom

70 – Jussy.Tay.Hay@mondogecko.net.au

Some other potential titles for this rambly episode: “Good Wife V Ashley Madison”, “Stefan’s Frankfurts”, “Toilet Paper Car Accident”, “Captain Planet Episode Guide”, “Lost Beach Keys” and “Titanic: Too Soon?”

69 – Ineffable F@#$ing

Much like the episode number, Level 30 offers oral pleasure to everyone as a conversation about the new Avengers trailer becomes anything but. The lads devise a fiendish scheme to increase listenership across all 3 internets with the help of famous actor John Mulk.

68 – Wheelie Great Episode

There’s too many knowledge presented this week to even write an adequate description. From Stefan’s work as an environment focused super hero to the name of a camel’s balls, there is no stone we have left unturned.

67 – Ball-ku

Another year draws to a close and yet so much remain the same. Farts are still funny, people are still stupid and drones rule.

66 – Little Wannabe Drummer Boy

Star Wars! Terminator! Mad Max! Jurassic World! So many trailers you guys! It’s like a swarm of trailers! Also JT was attacked by a swarm of bees.


While pondering their current video game addictions and how to best raise children, Stefan stumbles across JT’s weird fascination with the antics of [REDACTED] down at their local [REDACTED].

64 – Interstellar Review: Many Space

Kneel before JT: Infinite Lord of IMAX! We saw Interstellar and we both agree that there was lots of space in it and the space bits were great. Space! We have markedly different opinions on the other bits, though. Murph!

63 – Jurassic Yarn

Just because we could make a podcast, doesn’t mean we should have. This hold even truer when you consider this week not only covers the ethical implications of Lego worms, but also the telling of Peter the Pickup Artist Dolphin…we truly are terrible lizards.